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ABOUT Bonyeon

Chef Sangtae Park's Inspiration:

- Chef Sangtae Park, owner and Executive Chef of Omakase Yume, a Michelin 1-star sushi restaurant in Chicago, has always been passionate about exploring new culinary frontiers. After years of perfecting his craft in the world of sushi and Japanese dining, Chef Park was inspired to explore the world of beef and create a new culinary concept in Chicago that would showcase the diverse flavors and textures of different cuts of beef. With his new venture, Bonyeon, translating to "Original" in Korean, Chef Park aims to provide guests with an immersive culinary experience that highlights the "original" essence of beef, embracing its heritage, and unveiling its diverse flavors. While Omakase Yume was dedicated to showcasing the variety of fish in the ocean, Bonyeon will be all about exploring the different flavors and textures that come from different cuts of beef. Through his innovative approach to cooking and presentation, Chef Park hopes to create a new standard for beef Omakase in Chicago where guests can expect an unparalleled level of quality, service, and innovation, all while enjoying an unforgettable culinary experience that celebrates the rich cultural history and artistry of beef.

About the Restaraunt

- Welcome to Bonyeon, the first beef omakase in Chicago, where we invite you to experience the art of beef like never before. Our restaurant is dedicated to showcasing the finest cuts of beef from around the world, prepared with precision and served with care. Chef Sangtae Park has curated a menu that takes our diners on a culinary journey, introducing new flavors and textures that will tantalize our diners’ taste buds. From the moment our diners step into Bonyeon, they will be transported to a world of elegance and sophistication, where every detail has been carefully considered to provide an unforgettable dining experience. We believe that dining experience should be both enjoyable and educational. Our chefs are passionate about beef and are committed to sharing their knowledge with our guests. After dining with us, our diners will have a deeper understanding of the art of beef, including the different cuts, cooking techniques, and flavor profiles. Our chefs are happy to answer any questions you may have about the beef, its origin, and preparation. We believe by sharing our knowledge through our food, we can help our guests appreciate the complexity and depth of flavor that is unique to each cut of beef.

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